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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we own the theme we order?
No, these templates are licensed to WP Mason to be hosted on our servers. The images are also licensed to our domain. A business should refresh their site every 3 years, so it's better to rent than to own.
Can I use my own theme?
Not on, but we can set it up on a Bayfish server and offer you the same security, maintenance, tech support and design services and at a slightly higher monthly cost. You can see these plans at
Do I have to worry about WordPress Upgrades?
No. We take care of all the maintenance, upgrades & security updates so you don't have to worry about it.
Can I install my own plugins?
Yes and no. We choose and verify all plugins for security. Also, not all plunges are PHP 7.0 ready, so not all plugins will work. If you have a plugin, you can request it to be verified.
What is a subdomain?
When you sign up, you will get a subdomain address ( while we set up and customize your site. Using an A or CNAME DNS entry, you can point your domain to your new subdomain. It make no difference to Google. As long as your main domain is pointing to the content, the Google crawler will log it as your content.
Can I use my own domain on WP Mason?
Yes, as a matter fact, you really should! You’ll need access to your domain name registrar account to point your domain via A or CNAME entry, to our server for it to work. If this was all Geek to you, no problem, we can help get that worked out. Also A or CNAME entries that point your domain to WPmason server will not interrupt your current email service.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
For the design and site set-up fee, we do before we start uploading your content to the theme you chose. For the monthly fee, wee offer 30 day free hosting while we upload your content. You can cancel your subscription at any time (be sure to adjust your A or CNAME records to point to your new web service).
I’m not familiar with WordPress. Do I get help putting my content into my site?
Yes, with the initial set-up, we will place your content that you send us into the theme you chose. Any additional content after the launch of your site can be made by you or you can get our help with our Professional plan which offers WordPress Tech Support.
Do you offer performance analytics?
Yes. We have a Google Analytics plugin that can help you see your website traffic. You will need a Google Analytics account to start. With our Professional plan, we can implement your Google analytics for you and offer you some insights with an ad hoc request. We do not offer monthly reports at this time.
How long will it take for me to finish my website?
It depends on if you have all your content ready to send us. We'll do all the heavy lifting getting your content into the theme of your choice. However, we recommend you have your content (words) and images ready before you order. We do not offer content or copywriting services, but there are lots of resources on the internet to help you.
Can use these templates on my server?
Yes & No. These templates are licensed to WP Mason / Bayfish to be used on WP server. We can move them to an outside server but the move will incur additional licensing fees. Also, for speed reasons, your server should be PHP 7.0 enabled, to be faster than ours. If you wish to insure the additional licensing costs, we can place a them on your server. Our monthly security, maintenance, tech support and design services will be a higher cost. We do not place templates on Go Daddy or Site Ground.
Do I get email hosting with WP mason?
No. For security and performance reasons, you should never use the same server for email and web hosting. You can use your existing email server because you are only pointing your web traffic to our server via an A or CNAME DNS entry. Your current email server will continue to work. We strongly suggest that you use an email server like Gmail, MS Outlook Online, or Zoho. Our tech support staff can advise you on how to make the transition.